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Trinity College Old Library (above);

the "Odometer" moment on the book check-out clock at Martin Luther King Jr. Univer-city Library at San José State University, 2010;

a particularly hard-hit shelf at Martin Luther King Jr. Univer-city Library at SJSU, 2007


Near as I can tell, I've lived my whole life on the academic calendar - the new year begins in late August.

I love teaching. I love university campuses. I love getting lost in a library. I love the excitement of the first day of classes, and the day of sharing major projects. I love being surrounded by people who are intelligent, and striving to become more learnéd. I love the life of a campus - talks, concerts, sports, classes, dorms, and all the rest. My heaven will, in some ways, reflect the structure of a university campus.

That being said, there is much that is silly in the academic life - I refuse to wear the cap and gown, the self-importance of academics can be grating, and the administrivia that has expanded exponentially in my lifetime is just plain dumb. Academic conferences and academic publishing are a really mixed bag for me - sometimes exhilarating, at others stress-inducing and/or goofy. So the university is not a perfect place by any means. But I am still delighted to have spent this time on earth in its milieu. 

In this section, I will include my father's academic achievements, my own Curriculum Vita, and a few other academic-focused projects, including the American Academy of Religion's "Music and Religion" group history

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