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Charles C. Burleigh Jr.



Charles C. Burleigh Jr., son of Charles C. Burleigh, was a painter. He was studying in Germany and his work was improving, and becoming better known, when he passed away at an early age. 

There is a full, illustrated biography of Charles C. Burleigh, Jr. at Historic Northampton website, by Martha Hoppin.

Art Works


Lady with Peacock Fan, (oil on canvas)

27 3/8 x 22 1/4 in. Collection of Shelburne Museum, museum purchase, acquired from Maxim Karolik. 1961-186.1. Used with permission of the Shelburne Museum

CCBJrLady with Peacock Fan, 1882 (oil on canvas).JPG
CCBJKersey H. Fell.jpg

(Above) Portraits of Kersey H. Fell and Jane Price Fell. Signed Charles C. Burleigh.

(Right) Reinhold Brick, Son of Ehren Feld, Landlady. Signed Charles C. Burleigh

Both found at Invaluable website (accessed 11/20/22)

Reinhold Brick, Son of Ehren Feld, Landlady CCBJ.jpg

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