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Rycenga's Canterbury Progress,
Part Two: Talks and Presentations

Rycenga Talks, Lectures, and Presentations related to the Canterbury Female Academy, Crandall, and the Black Students


Guest Speaker, Dedication of Illinois State Historical Society’s Roadside Marker for Prudence Crandall, Troy Grove, IL (June 2022)

“The Percolation of Jonathan Dymond’s Thought among New England Abolitionists, 1829-1836.” American Academy of Religion National Meeting, Online (December 2020).

“Enraged Against Us: Practicing Non-Violence at the Canterbury Academy,” Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (October 2019).


 “Intersectional Pilgrims in Canterbury: The Story of America’s First Female Academy for African-American Women.” University Scholar Series, San José State University, San José, CA (February 2019)


“Norwich Connections to Prudence Crandall’s School.” Talk presented at the Otis Library, Norwich, CT (April 2018)

“Minds that Matter: The Lives, Minds, and Legacies of the Black Students of Prudence Crandall.” Talk presented at the United Congregational Church, Norwich, CT (February 2017) and at Wesleyan University (February 2017).

"Progress in Every Moral and Intellectual Growth”: African-Americans and Prudence Crandall in her Kansas Years (1877-1890).” Prudence Crandall Symposium, sponsored by the Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (May 2016).


“Enraged Against Us: African-American Women Students Practicing Non-Violence at Prudence Crandall’s Academy.” American Academy of Religion, National Meeting, Atlanta, GA (November 2015).


“Intellect and Abolition: Reconstructing the Curriculum at Prudence Crandall’s Academy for Young Ladies and Little Misses of Color.” Dublin Seminar, Greenfield MA (June 2015).


“Black Minds Matter: The Lives, Aspirations and Legacies of the Black Students of Prudence Crandall.” Prudence Crandall Symposium, sponsored by the Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (May 2015).


“Networks, Recruits, and Protégés: The Ripple Effect from Prudence Crandall’s Academy for Ladies and Little Misses of Color.” Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY (March 2015).

“Prudence Crandall: An American Hero.” Talk presented at Brighton Rotary Club, Brighton, NY, and Greece, NY Senior Center (November 2014, April 2015).


“A Woman’s Place is in a (Re-purposed) House.” Talk presented at the Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (June 2014)


“Thinking with Prudence Crandall.” Talk given at the Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (July 2013)

"Laying the Cornerstone: Maria Stewart, Maria Davis, and Prudence Crandall."  Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, Massachusetts (February-March 2009).

"God Will Raise Up Your Own Females To Strive: African-American Women and Protestant Christianity in the U.S."  Talk given as part of the Campus Reading Program, San José State University (October 2007).


"Prudence Crandall: Innocous Icon or Subversive Goad?" Heroism, Nationalism and Human Rights Conference, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (February 2006).


“In the Footsteps of Prudence Crandall.”  Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (May 2005).


“Religion and Authority at Home: White Abolitionist Women and Marriage.”  American Academy of Religion, Western Region Meeting, Tempe, Arizona (March 2005).


"Prudence Crandall in Illinois: A Study of Structural Exclusion and Personal Barriers in Women’s Abolitionist Activism.”  Conference on Illinois History, Springfield, Illinois (October 2004)

"Abolitionists, Spiritualists, and Exodusters: The Mythic Aura of Kansas in the Late Nineteenth-Century."  American Academy of Religion, National Meeting, Atlanta, GA (November 2003); Western Region Meeting, Davis, CA (March 2003).


"Defying Injustice: Prudence Crandall's Abolitionist Struggle and Her Contemporary Relevance."  Connecticut College, New London, CT (April 2003); Prudence Crandall Museum, Canterbury, CT (May 2003).

"A Greater Awakening: Women's Intellect in the Transatlantic Abolitionist Movement, 1824-1834.”  Sisterhood and Slavery: Transatlantic Antislavery and Women’s Rights Conference, Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition, Yale University, New Haven CT (October 2001);


“Agitation as Education: Race, Religion and Class in the Pedagogy of Prudence Crandall.”  Robert Leavens Lectureship, Mills College, Oakland, CA (February 2001); Five College Women’s Studies Center, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA (February 2001); Yale University Institute for Advanced Study of Religion, New Haven, CT (March 2001); Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT (April 2001); Montana State University, Bozeman, MT (July 2001); University of California, San Diego, Women’s Center (February 2002).

Crandall Talks for High School, College, Graduate Student, Academic and Civic Audiences


Talks about the Canterbury Female Academy are ideal for students at any level who are interested in racial and gender justice, and in constructing an anti-racist counter-narrative history of the United States. I am prepared to present on any of the topics I've already spoken on (see above list) or one tailored to the needs and specific concerns of your groups. Talks about the Canterbury Female Academy are particularly apt during Black History Month (February) and Women's History Month (March). Except, of course, that every month is Black History Month, and every month is Women's History Month, too!

Live Presentations

I am happy to work with you to arrange for an in-person talk in any setting: university, museums, civic buildings, places of worship, open spaces. Travel expenses negotiable and usually minimal.

Zoom Presentations

I had mastered ZOOM presentations even pre-COVID! Happy to present virtually.

Fees & Costs Negotiable

Describe your situation and what you can afford. We can talk. I have served on the boards of many non-profits; I get it! You got this!

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