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White Male Supporters of the Canterbury Female Academy


White Men and Intersectionality

or, Privilege is for Using, not for Wallowing in Guilt

White male supporters of the Canterbury Female Academy ranged from then-obscure but now-famous Abolitionists to future governors of Connecticut, from neighbors and decent men in Canterbury to college students. These white men were in the forefront of understanding a different America, the first white men to live in an inclusive way that welcomed the presence of those different from themselves. In other words, these were pioneers of a non-defense embrace of diversity.

White Male Allies: A Working List

  1. William Lloyd Garrison

  2. Samuel J. May

  3. Arnold Buffum

  4. Simeon Jocelyn

  5. Arthur Tappan

  6. Charles Burleigh

  7. William Burleigh

  8. Rinaldo Burleigh

  9. George S. Burleigh

  10. Lucien Burleigh

  11. George Benson, Sr.

  12. George Benson, Jr.

  13. William Benson

  14. George Bourne

  15. Alex Hinkley

  16. Calvin Philleo

  17. William Ellsworth

Using Privilege Responsibly =

Using Privilege to Wither Away Privilege!

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