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Emery Rocktripe Lichen (Umbilicaria phaea)

June 26, 2018

Santa Teresa County Park, San José, Santa Clara county, California, USA

Lichens first came to my attention around 2012, when the iNaturalist era of my life began. I quickly fell in love, because they are the most interesting taxa when it comes to speculative philosophizing. And they are beautiful. And they are everywhere. And they can't (yet) be cloned or produced artificially. And there's a lot left to discover about them. And I love them.

The California Lichen Society, in existence since 1996, has done so much to elevate the public visibility of lichens, through small grants, regular outings, and through their signal achievement: helping to make California the only state (so far) with an official STATE LICHEN! The winner is...


(Ramalina menziesii)

I am proud to serve on the board of CALS, as a representative of the great unwashed masses of non-scientists who, like me, would have their lives enriched by lichens. Donate if you can.

Lace Lichen (Ramalina menziesii), August 13, 2021, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Pacifica, San Mateo county, California, USA.

Pro Tip - to be sure you have Lace Lichen, always check for the characteristic "fish-net" pattern.


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