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Rycenga's Canterbury Progress,
Part One: Publications

Rycenga Publications related to the Canterbury Female Academy, Crandall, and the Black Students

“The Sun in its Glory: The Diffusion of Jonathan Dymond’s Works in the United States, 1831-1836.” Quaker Studies, 26:2 (2021): 241-259. Creative Commons access at


“Characterological Itineracy: The Career of Calvin Philleo.” American Baptist Quarterly, 39:3 (Fall 2020).


Review of Fannie Barrier Williams: Crossing the Borders of Region and Race, by Wanda A. Hendricks, The Journal of American Culture, 39:3 (2016):359-360.

“Intellect and Abolition: Reconstructing the Curriculum at Prudence Crandall’s Academy for Young Ladies and Little Misses of Color.” In Schooldays in New England, 1650-1900. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Annual Proceedings 2015, Peter Benes, editor. Deerfield, MA: Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife, 2018, pp. 126-137.


““Be Ashamed of Nothing But Sin”: Prudence Crandall, Levi Kneeland, and Connecticut Baptists.” American Baptist Quarterly, 34:3-4 (Fall-Winter 2015): 324-342.


“Prudence Crandall and the Lawtons: A Nineteenth-Century Canterbury Tale,” in Lawton Ledger 14:1 (December 2008): 32-35.

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"A Greater Awakening: Women's Intellect as a Factor in Early Abolitionist Movements, 1824-1834."  Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 21:2:31-59 (Fall 2005). 

“Maria Stewart, Black Abolitionist, and the Idea of Freedom,” in Frontline Feminisms: Women, War and Resistance, ed. Marguerite Waller and Jennifer Rycenga, New York: Garland, 2000. pages 297-324.  (paperback, New York: Routledge, 2001.)

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