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The Unionist 1:45 
(June 12, 1834)

“We learn by the last Unionist, printed in Brooklyn, Ct., that its junior editor, Mr. William H. Burleigh, who has for several weeks past been engaged as an instructor in Miss Crandall’s school, was on Tuesday evening last saluted by a volley of addled eggs by some of the polite Canterburians.”


An elderly William H. Burleigh, having survived the "volley of addled eggs."

Unionist Keyword Categories:

1. Canterbury Female Academy

2. African-American Students

3. Canterbury White Opposition


June 21 Liberator p_edited.png

from The Liberator, June 14, 1834, p. 95 (4:24:95)

The Liberator at the Fair Use Repository

Commentary and Analysis

This brief notice forms a teaser to the longer letter written by William H. Burleigh, that was included in the June 21st 1834 issue of the Liberator. It is entirely possible that the editors had the letter in hand already, but insufficient room to run it. The importance of this small notice subsists in enabling us to date the attack against Burleigh as being on June 10, 1834 - "Tuesday last." See the larger discussion on the letter for more analysis.

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